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  • Attestation Services: Compilations, Reviews, and Audits

    CPAs offer attestation services as unbiased options to evaluate their company through compiled reports. Attestations determine the health of a business through its numbers, providing business owners a level of assurance about their company. Owners can use this information to make proactive decisions in favor of their business and provide detailed reports to investors and banks.

    Types of Attestation Services

    Each report offers a different level of assurance and investigation. These reviews of a business’s financial statements determine if they are free of material misstatement.


    Audits offer the highest form of assurance. If your company is under scrutiny, an audit analyzes your records and legitimizes your transactions. An audit will also bring out any mistakes or discrepancies present in the company.

    Publicly traded companies are required to send audited financial statements to the SEC on an annual basis. This form of attestation is the largest, most comprehensive overview of a company’s financial records, and can make a huge difference when receiving a loan approval.


    Another level of assurance is a review. CPAs conducting reviews limit their investigation, offering some level of assurance, but less than an audit.

    A reviewer performs basic financial procedural checks to ensure they make sense. Reviews are necessary for small business loans and once received may require a review every year that the loan is outstanding. A review shares the same objectives of the audit, but to a lower degree.


    A compilation is the most basic attestation a CPA can offer. This service assists business owners in preparing their financial statements. However, the individual responsible for preparing the compilation does not offer an opinion on the quality or accuracy of the data within.

    Compilations can comply with generally accepted accounting principles, and the CPA is required to read over statements to ensure they are in appropriate form and free of obvious material misstatements.

    At Perpetual CPA, we have over 10 years of experience working as a public auditor and business advisory consultant. Whether you require a restructuring of your business and tax strategy or have a questions regarding financial health, we offer these attestation services as well as business accounting and tax services to better your business.



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